lundi 2 mai 2022


This solo show presented at Hamzianpour & Kia Gallery, from April 23 to May 23 2022 in Los Angeles, features a series of paintings and an animation piece

Here is an extract from the press release : 

" The small, personable, dense paintings of Hedayat are windows into another world. Bewildered protagonists make up a dreamscape with recurring motifs of biological systems, rhizomatic growths, and interconnected pathways. The paintings’ internally glowing sense of light feel like projections themselves, mental images of a world past or to come, or conjured in response to the current conditions of life on Earth. The implied narrative of Hedayat’s paintings key into her video work almost as frame stills, cinematic instances which hold time expansively in their stillness. Their painted layers and material depth invite the viewer to enter their space with mind and body, into a carefully conjured realm..."

To watch the animation use the links below :

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