lundi 2 mai 2022


This solo show presented at Hamzianpour & Kia Gallery, from April 23 to May 23 2022 in Los Angeles, features a series of paintings and an animation piece

Here is an extract from the press release : 

" The small, personable, dense paintings of Hedayat are windows into another world. Bewildered protagonists make up a dreamscape with recurring motifs of biological systems, rhizomatic growths, and interconnected pathways. The paintings’ internally glowing sense of light feel like projections themselves, mental images of a world past or to come, or conjured in response to the current conditions of life on Earth. The implied narrative of Hedayat’s paintings key into her video work almost as frame stills, cinematic instances which hold time expansively in their stillness. Their painted layers and material depth invite the viewer to enter their space with mind and body, into a carefully conjured realm..."

To watch the animation use the links below :

samedi 30 octobre 2021

Permutations Chroniques

Permutaions chroniques is a mural drawing/installation I've made during the opening day of AsiaNOW ,October 21st, in Paris.

Permutaions chroniques is part of the project Mutations. Here is a text by Aline Vidal Gallery about this piece : 

Elika Hedayat’s scenarios are inhabited by mysterious characters half-animals half-plants, half-humans half-bacteria, living in constant metamorphosis.

These Mutations are enclosed in their frames, as microcosmos where species blend and coexist, or develop on broad surfaces, like an in-progress narrative.

Both storyteller of rocambolesque events and zoologist discovering imagined filiations, Elika Hedayat sketches on-site this mnemosyne-atlas depicting an oneiric genealogy where the daily life turns into a dream.

vendredi 22 octobre 2021

Passage Véro-Dodat / D(es)Rives#4

For the group show D(es)Rives #4 at Véro-Dodat Gallery , I've presented several pieces (painting, installation and a drawing performance) from my series Mutations.

The project Mutations, containing series of paintings, drawings, videos and animations stages a Trilogy; evolution, transformation, deformation, about the man and his environment. A world in which the balance of power between human beings and the univers is constantly changing.

mercredi 28 octobre 2020


Abyssal is a triptych installation designed for the projet "Fauteuil d'artiste #6" at The Scala Theater hall in Paris. The installation is visible from september 11th to the en of 2020.

In Abyssal installation, the auditorium theater hall chair comes to life and takes us on a journey into the immeasurable depths of performing arts where our hearts, eyes, ears and brains venture.

To watch the video parts of the installation click hère :



dimanche 17 novembre 2019

Hypnose par le grand bouc / De(s) Rives#2

Art market or art in the market, merchandising or food for thought, this new project raises the fundamental questions of the daily proximity of art, of its place in the city and the freedom of artists to  create, at least temporarily, out of traditional networks. For De(s)rives#2, twenty artists have been invited to take possession of the Beauvau market, Place d'Aligre.

For this project, I choosed a butcher's shop to show my new piece called Hypnose par le grand bouc ; hypnosis by the great He-goat. This work refers to the goya's painting called Witches' Sabbath (The Great He-Goat). Here, the witchcraft (Hypnosis) done by the great He-goat awaken the human's unconscious putting him in front of his destiny and those of other living beings on the earth.

samedi 24 août 2019

Panem & Circenses

This solo exhibition presented at Dastan Gallery, from August 16th to September 13th 2019, features a series of drawings, paintings and three animated works. The title of the exhibition is a latin phrase that is literally translated to "Bread and circuses". The phrase is attributed to the Roman poet, Juvenal active in the late first and early second century AD.
In his Satire X Juvenal writes : "Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses."

To watch the three animated works use the links below :

vendredi 20 octobre 2017


TAN is a project containing a 70 minutes documentary film and a series of painting and drawings. 

The solo exhibition TAN presented by Aline Vidal Gallery, took place from October 10th to October 22th 2017 in Paris. 
A private screening of the documentary was organized, in parallel with the exhibition, at Cinéma du Panthéon on October 15th.

TAN is born from my encounter with Ismaïl, Alireza and Hadi. The project illustrates portraits of two groups of men; mutilated solders of the Iran/Irak war and the Iranian bodybuilders in a small city from south of Iran.

These three protagonists are related by the desire of immortalizing their own body. Nevertheless,  what separates them is the generational gap and how the relationship with the body changes in a society from an ideological and religious point of view to a complete materialistic approach.

dimanche 23 juillet 2017

Al A'raaf

Al A'raaf is a project commissioned by Mohsen Gallery for Pasio, a 7.5m2 x 9m gallery courtyard exhibition space dedicated to art installations. This project containing two paintings, a mural drawing, a silicone/plexiglass sculpture and a video installation, has been on view at Mohsen Gallery in Tehran from June 30th to July 26th 2017.

samedi 3 juin 2017

ARTE Artistes Femmes : Annette Messager, extract with Elika Hedayat

My works have been presented among the artists choosen by Annette Messager for a documentary about women artists, produced by ARTE TV channel.

Watch the extract here :

Faire Des Mondes / Creating worlds

Within the official program of the France/Korea cultural year 2015-16, I've been invited to be a part of the group exhibition Faire des mondes/Greating worlds curated by Françoise Docquiert and Marianne Derrien. 
The selected artists were Bertille Bak, Romain Bernini, Elika Hedayat and Rémy Yadan.
The exhibition has been first presented at the National Museum of Kyungpook university in Daegu and afterwards at Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art, in Gyeongju, where I also made a mural painting.