vendredi 20 octobre 2017


TAN is a project containing a 70 minutes documentary film and a series of painting and drawings. 

The solo exhibition TAN presented by Aline Vidal Gallery, took place from October 10th to October 22th 2017 in Paris. 
A private screening of the documentary was organized, in parallel with the exhibition, at Cinéma du Panthéon on October 15th.

TAN is born from my encounter with Ismaïl, Alireza and Hadi. The project illustrates portraits of two groups of men; mutilated solders of the Iran/Irak war and the Iranian bodybuilders in a small city from south of Iran.

These three protagonists are related by the desire of immortalizing their own body. Nevertheless,  what separates them is the generational gap and how the relationship with the body changes in a society from an ideological and religious point of view to a complete materialistic approach.

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