jeudi 23 juillet 2009

Bestiary Of Under Restraint Delighted Beings, 2009

This installation consist of six videos showing different incompleted and censured portraits who suffer from the inability to self-express. They transform in an attempt to escape from disappearance, extinction and death; Their metamorphosis is a failure.

For the opening, the installation was accompanied by a live performance: myself, in disguise, erasing parts of my drawings.

I presented this work for the exhibition Fable et Fragment of honored graduated students from Beaux-art. I was awarded the top prize for the exhibition: The Hiscox Start 2009 award :

To watch a clip of this work, click here :

Here is a still image of videos with their titles :
1&2) Complementary couple, 3&4) Cleaning, 5)Proprietor, 6)Migrator

3 commentaires:

Aydin a dit…

Afarin Elika! Que ton souffle soit chaud!

Unknown a dit…

Vous etes tres magnifique...eyval Elika jan.dokhtar che pishrafti kardi,afariiiiiiiiiiiin azizaaaaaaaaaam

Fabio Scacchioli a dit…

Love this work!